Critivise: Is It Legit?

Critivise: Is It Legit?

Mar 13, 2023

If you're reading this article, you're probably curious whether it's safe to try the Critivise services. Let me put your mind at ease right here and now - Critivise is a legit service that delivers results and does NOT scam its customers.

Critivise is comprised of a team of eCommerce and dropshipping enthusiasts. The team makes sure to carefully analyze each store and provide truly helpful, insightful, and actionable feedback that you can use to improve your results drastically.

Is Critivise Legit?

Yes, Critivise is, without a doubt, legit and trustworthy. The service is run by a small team of experts who've been in the eCommerce and dropshipping space for multiple years.

If you want more reassurance that Critivise is a legit business, you should try contacting customer support here. Ask as many questions as you have. All of your questions about the service will be answered.

How Do I Know I Won't Get Scammed?

There is absolutely no way for you to get scammed by Critivise. Why is that? Because the business is not built on this principle. The small team that runs Critivise aims to help beginners in the eCommerce industry succeed faster and more cost-efficiently.

Additionally, you will receive a payment request confirming the services you are purchasing. If you feel you're getting scammed, you can always request a refund and the third-party payment platform will refund your money if that is truly the case.


To sum up, you can rest assured knowing that Critivise is legit and the service aims to help each and every customer. You will receive the feedback your store needs to start bringing in that dough.